Friday, March 1, 2019

Things To Do in Manila, Philippines

Manila is the center of the Philippines. Aside from islands, Philippines also offered a beautiful city. And if you are travelling in Philippines, you should not miss its capital.

Now, I am going to show to you the things and activities that you can do whenever you are in Manila.

1. Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park offers different activities such as follow: Oceanarium, Symphony Evening Show, Barnyard, Birdhouse, Sea Lion Show, All Star Bird Show, Penguid Talk Show, Back of the House, World of Creepy Crawlies, Trails to Antartica Penguin Exhibit, Trails to Antartica Christmas Village, Birds of Prey Kindom, Supertoy Collection and Jellies Exhibit.

The Manila Ocean Park opens at 10:00am-8:00pm every weekdays and 9:00am-8:00am every wednesday.

You can buy your discounted tickets here.

2. The Dessert Museum

It is one of the most trending Museum in the Philippines for its instagramable theme. It is good for all ages. It offers 8 mouthwatering rooms of  sugar filled happiness like the Marshmallow Room, Gummy Room and more!

They are open everyday from 10:00am to 9:00pm

Book your discounted tickets here.

 3. KidZania Manila

KidZania is one of the newest interactive venue for the entire family. It has different activities for children that teaches them lessons such as stuff they need to do during emergencies. It lets them discover their values like responsibility, confidence and independence.

Reserve your tickets here.

4. The Mind Museum

Feel science come alive, which exhibits the wonders of the universe through five interconnected stories. Get access to the Atom Gallery, Life Gallery, Earth Galerry, Universe Galery and Technology Gallery.

Get your tickets here

5. Art in Island

Experience this 3d museum! I remember way back 2015 getting a free ticket to enter Art in Island and it is amazing. It is indeed the best choice for children, couples and family!

Reserve your ticket now


  1. Oh my gosh! The Ocean Park looks amazing! I love walking through those glass tunnels to see the fish :)

  2. Manila is in my bucket list. Glad to see a guide for it, so much to do, so much to see, excited!

  3. Well this looks amazing. I'd love to visit the Phiilipines one day! My dad loves the area!!!

  4. I have not been to Manila before but only to Cebu few years ago. I love Philipines, good food and good people. Manila Ocean Park looks like a great place to spend.

  5. will add these to my list when visiting phillipines

  6. These attractions look so cool! I would especially love to visit the ocean park. ~April

  7. I would definitely love visiting the Marine Park! The Oceanarium would be my favorite spot!

  8. I love this! The Philippines are on my list of places I want to visit in the net year or two. The ocean park looks amazing especially for someone that loves sea life!!

  9. I would love to visit and do a blog about the Philippines, with the difference of when I was younger, it looks so amazing!

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